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Re: left hand conrod
« Reply #15 on: 02.12. 2011 03:12 »
hi guys/MG, i too have had trouble with conrods. The ones that i was going to use had like yours been cut out with a hacksaw, that is why i got billet ones. The cuts in the ones that i could measure are about .5mm deep do you think that they are still usefull? bored out with oversize bushes, cheers,Bob
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Re: left hand conrod
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Hmm, the hacksaw thing seems to be quite common. BA****DS!

0.5mm deep grooves means loosing 1+mm of material in diameter on the small eye, and they are not particularly substantial, so there is an inherent risk of failure involved. If you intend to be going anywhere faster than on a pushbike (your avatar pic indicates so  *smile*), I'd rather replace them.
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Re: left hand conrod
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re oil hole in l/h rod ,   i remember reading in a very old publication it was to supply extra oil to the (i think) bore on that side as there had been some incidents of excessive wear on that side  :!   this would have been back in early seventies , i think it was a copy of   `the motor cycle`