Author Topic: What do engines sell for? May be selling all my spares.....  (Read 587 times)

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Hi all

I really want a belt drive primary (sick of oil leaks and adjusting chains) but can't justify (or afford!) the £600 or so cost. So I was thinking of selling off all my engine spares as I've had some 25+ years and they are just filling shelf space.
I'm not sure if it is appropriate to ask here, but what kind of price do you reckon I'd get for these main big items:

Matching late crankcases.
Big Journal crank (std or +10 I think)
Barrels worn +60s, no fin damage, with 9:1 pistons

I don't want to sell them and then have the cash frittered away on racing, tyres, whatever, so if it is only £200 or so (which I suspect) I'll hold on to them. And no, I don't have a couple of Ally heads lying around!  *smiley4*

This isn't an advert by the way, as I always sell everything on eBay, but I'd just like to ask for your expertise. Thanks.
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My guess (based on consistent market observation, ie trawling through ebay and hording spares, hehe):

undamaged crankcases: 50-80 pounds
large journal crank: min. 300 pounds, on STD or +10 prolly more like 350-400 quid
barrels and pistons: thick flange 70-100 quid, next to nothing for thin flange.

OZ could be a totally different story though...
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