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first ride 2012
« on: 08.01. 2012 15:52 »
took Golden Fash for ride today in a word brilliant! after all my problems last year with my magneto then the auto advance unit see my other post for interesting information on this,i also stripped the primary drive down to attend to an oil leak,found clutch to be four spring unit so some one has updated it as would have expected a six spring job,so a little voice in the back of your mind keeps saying didv you tighten this and that of course you did! willdo a check list next time,the bike was much more responsive no problems there,set timing as book 11/32 btdc,i read s.r.m quote 9/32 btdc anyone tried that?The only thing i need to do is terminate the crankcase breather over the rear chain or back to rear mudguard,someone used a piece of small bore copper pipe from exit point on case dropping down and bent to face the rear so will extend with rubber hose anyone done this.

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