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A10 clutch
« on: 03.06. 2008 17:38 »
Hi everyone, can anyone here solve this problem I have just fitted a new clutch to my 61 A10 and I find when I tighten the clutch centre nut on the g/box main shaft the clutch centre locks against the clutch basket so much so I can kick the bike over without any clutch plates in! Am I missing a spacer or is it the shaft worn on the taper something stupid is probably the answer but I can?t find it any help greatly appreciated. Thanks Chris

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Re: A10 clutch
« Reply #1 on: 04.06. 2008 04:42 »
The problem could be that the rollers are too long. I had the same problem. For some reason the original rollers are not a full 1/4" long, they are about .020" shorter. New ones are a full 1/4" and when you tighten up the nut it locks the clutch centre. I machined the back plate on the clutch centre so I could replace mine with 1/4" rollers any time. You would probably be able to get the correct ones from C@D's or SRM.   Brian. 

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Re: A10 clutch
« Reply #2 on: 05.06. 2008 17:32 »
Chrisf1 wrote:
the problem appeared to be the clutch centre which was a triumph cush which did work fine 2yrs ago it was locking up against the bearings so it did not matter what the plates were doing it would still drive. cure i replaced shaft adaptor and clutch centre problem gone until next time thanks everyone

Copied from the other topic to keep the solution with the question. Good you sorted out your problem.

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Re: A10 clutch
« Reply #3 on: 07.06. 2008 03:11 »
I understand from the BSA Forum you have the 4-spring clutch. I repeat my message from there: do NOT use the plate sequence shown in the Spares Manual. The first plate onto the centre must be a plain plate, not a friction plate. All other things OK, this should solve the problem.
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