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layshft endplay
« on: 19.01. 2013 22:52 »

  fitting new bushes in a plunger gearbox...
 and the endplay and how to centre...  i have a few cases and measured the thickness of the originals...
averaged out to be .110.... most were 2-5 thou under..just normal wear...
soooo made my new one to .110...??
  in making the centre case bush thrust face...what should i be allowing for endplay???  i would normally work to having .012 - .018??

to get this amount requires the bush to be about .030 or more thicker than the originals...

the endplay also looks like it can be adjusted by moving the pressed on that what i should be doing???
the gear doesnt seem to have any stop to bump up against ..i just made it flush with the end of the splines...