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long nut
« on: 23.01. 2012 19:02 »
re assembly gathers apace but its the seemingly small things that cause the problems
when i bought the bike it had a horrid collection of bolts holding the engine and box in ,i bought a bolt kit and im stumped with the long nut (671292) in one of my parts books it appers to fit on the top bolt (nearest the engine and on the left) but i cant see a reason for it? in another drawing i have seen it appears to fit inside the bored hole that passes through the engine and on the left which seems to make more sence all help appreciated
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Re: long nut
« Reply #1 on: 23.01. 2012 19:30 »
Its the one @ the front left hand side, which passes thro both the front metal cover of the dynamo and the crankcase, the reason it,s long is access
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