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Re: wassell regulator
« Reply #30 on: 01.02. 2015 17:48 »
little update on my vreg2
it did seem to drain the battery over a period of time so I replaced it with a DVR2, solved the problem although I do need to incorporate an ignition warning light somewhere as if the bike stalls (Pazon ignition which is fantastic) I do forget to switch it off.
I've been busy for the last months (yes months, to much other stuff going on) rewiring the Flash and though I'd rescue some toolbox space by shifting the filter and regulator elsewhere, and as this bike is magneto so voltage drop aint a big thing I'd use the Vreg in place of Joe's alloy box, got it rewired and noticed a spark sometimes when connecting earth (I generally leave earth off while rewiring , just put it on when testing in stages) put a meter on from battery earth wire to frame and got 6 volts plus, took the Vreg off and put the Lucas unit back on and get 0.04 volt to earth (should I get anything).
Strangely I cannot get continuity between any of the Vreg  connections but it passes 6 volts between the A and E connections
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