Author Topic: Led Headlight  (Read 511 times)

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Led Headlight
« on: 25.02. 2012 10:14 »
Is this the future?
I'd like one.


You have to love the comments.
Makes us look very genteel.

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Re: Led Headlight
« Reply #1 on: 25.02. 2012 11:51 »
Not with our reflectors they're not.
You get a lot of the hot hatch loonies changing their bulbs for these but what you get is light going everywhere. Even on modern bikes like my BMW it was great for me but a bleeding nuisance for other road users and my riding mates, so I took them out. Ducati have just released their 1199 Panigale superbike with these headlights but they are precisely designed for them.
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