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Engine power
« on: 25.02. 2012 18:47 »
My RGS engine has never really seemed to produce as much power as it ought to do, after about 70 mph it seems to run out of puff, and it never seems to accelerate as well as it should. I know that these observations are subjective but compared to a speed twin that I owned years ago it feels to me as though I am not getting all the power that I should. So, I got to wondering about what effect the the silencer might have on performance. My silencer was supplied by Armour and it is noticeably quiter than other RGS silencers that I have heard. I suspect that maybe the baffles are not the same as the original BSA baffles. Could there be a big difference in the back pressure that is restricting the exhaust gases? Has anyone else had this problem? Before I commit myself to buying another silencer from elsewhere I would be interested to know what other people think.


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Re: Engine power
« Reply #1 on: 25.02. 2012 19:27 »
Are your slides opening all the way? Take off your silencers and take it for a run.Double check timing.

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Re: Engine power
« Reply #2 on: 25.02. 2012 21:43 »
Hi John,
There could be many and varied reasons why your engine is not delivering its potential  ???? ????
Has the engine been rebuilt? and / or what condition are its bits in?
carb settings or fuel restrictions??
Ignition or valve timing?
magneto trouble?? slip ring tracking???
the list goes on!!
Normally the "RGS" type silencer is straight through???
Have you taken it offf and looked through?
If theres a baffle is the pipe extending into the silencer far enough to come close or against the baffle plate?

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