Author Topic: American imported Super Rocket  (Read 494 times)

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American imported Super Rocket
« on: 28.03. 2012 14:01 »
Is a bike imported back to the UK from the USA going to be worth less than one that was built for and stayed in the UK?

Has correct age related Reg No and UK 4 gal tank though the V5 will show the re-imported date sometime in the 90's.


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Re: American imported Super Rocket
« Reply #1 on: 28.03. 2012 17:26 »
In my opinion..... where the bike has been makes no difference. Age related plate will affect value but there are lots of bikes with age related plates, imported or otherwise. Obviously a bike with original reg, engine and frame and other major components and documented history from the day it left the factory is going to be worth more than a bike, in similar condition, which has lost it's identity, but this applies whether it has been abroad or not...... in my opinion! Some people attach more importance to history than others. Personally, I like a bike that looks right (whatever that means!) and rides right,  history is less important but a bonus (and added value) if it has some.