Author Topic: Where to get wheel parts  (Read 1655 times)

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Re: Where to get wheel parts
« Reply #15 on: 03.04. 2012 20:22 »
Does anyone know if the rims for the cast iron hubs are the same as the rims for the ariel hubs , its the ariel hubs i have.

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Re: Where to get wheel parts
« Reply #16 on: 06.04. 2012 10:32 »
Heya Bonny,
           Tell the supplier what hub you want to lace it to, as the dimple drill holes are REALLY important, as to what angle they're drilled at, and also if the hubs are different (dia.) one side to the other, you need to lace them the correct side for the angles . I expect they'll be WM2(?) 1.85" between beads (from memory), but you could maybe go WM3, 2.15"(again from memory) if you want, but talk to the wheel guys, they should know.
  good luck ,duTch

BTW  I went Stainless from CWC, partly 'cos, I don't want to be stuffed with re-chroming,(new SS rim was cheaper) and from CWC(who at least are in Birmingham?) I think the shipping to Oz on top was a bit cheaper , and so long as it's round and shiny, I care
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