Author Topic: Advance & retard unit (and solid) fibre wheel replacement.  (Read 906 times)


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There was a recent topic about the virtues of alloy drive gears v. fibre drive gears. This led to a discussion about replacing the fibre drive gear in ATD's and solid, manual adv/retard gears which is slightly off topic. I offered to put some instructions on my website so, for those who are interested, here it is!  Just follow the Do it Yourself link on the ATD page.

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Thanks for sharing that. Very helpful document.

A lot of people would have just kept the information to themselves.
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I agree with Ian.

Excellent information and very well presented in an unselfish way.

My thanks go to Beezermacc.


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Yes well done thanks Beezermacc for sharing
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Thanks for the kind remarks, just glad to be able to help!