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Re: Centre Stand
« Reply #15 on: 14.05. 2012 20:12 »
I'm having an attack of (more than usual) stupidity today, along with not being able to get her on the center stand like I used to. This left foot on the stand left hand under the seat etc, is that while astride the bike or standing along side?

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Re: Centre Stand
« Reply #16 on: 14.05. 2012 22:06 »
               Do your mufflers have recesses pressed into the bottoms?
Original ones I have seen have this to clear the stand.


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Re: Centre Stand
« Reply #17 on: 14.05. 2012 22:41 »
Yes Gavin I had that problem and I fitted washers between the silencer mounting to push it outwards. it,s ok on the left hand side, but care has to be taken on the right hand side because if it's pushed out to far, then the kickstart hits it. I think it's because the pattern exhausts (which we all know are problematic) don't fit correctly.
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Re: Centre Stand
« Reply #18 on: 14.05. 2012 23:40 »
G'day all-
        It's been a while since I've been able start mine but that should change soon, waiting for pushrods!
 From memory, (I think I got the right bike), I very gently ease it(Kickstart) round 'til it starts to come up on compression,keep easing it round and it gets to a point where it feels as though it rolls over something and into a 'groove'(same kind of feeling that the gear shift does going first to neutral, if you go too hard it finds second and have to start again ).
 I'm not sure of piston position but I'll work it out when chance arrives.
By this stage you'll have all the other priming stuff done, and just heave down on kicker and you should get action???
 I hope by the time I wake up in a few hours, I'll have positive feedback??  -Good luck

         Mine (plunger) is like a dead weight, no 'soft dynamics' at all, the geometry on the 'foot lever' is wrong creating just a dead weight that requires brute strength-'as above'-'from memory', but same again, should be able to comment more soon.

Nagrod Rick,
               Sorry mate,unless I read that wrong *conf*I'd like to say you can do it on the bike, if so you've mastered (anti)gravity, but I think you've done a fairly good self assessment *eek*, not to say that I don't often do similar questionable practices, but don't admit it publicly(that spelling doesn't look right??)- a little bit of dyslexia can be fun, but maybe try it standing at the left side of the bike??-facing the bike??
  Good luck Have a nice day, duTch

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Amendment for Gav and other plunger owners but applies to about anything, I just been out playing around, did a video on my phone of C-stand spring- out/in, and remembered that in the past I've used a piece of flat timber(LVL or same)'bout 30mmish x ~ under the back wheel before activating the C/stand. Just needs to be long enough to get the action started as there's a fair bit of height under wheel when it's up anyway, if it rolls off the said timber- no matter. I guess it's same concept as wedge but a tad different? I do the same with my Gutzi for entertainment, mainly as it's the opposite goes up soooo easy but wheels stay on ground no good for wheel spin.
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Re: Centre Stand
« Reply #19 on: 15.05. 2012 11:05 »
hi guys
   The main problem i think is the grip, to much pulling on the seat will pull it off and it is hard to get a grip on the frame with gloves on here is a simple solution, get a pillion fold up foot rest modify the bolt to go through the top swinging arm and then you have a good strong fold down handle to pull on, l have seen this and it works well and still looks part of the bike.
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