Author Topic: MOT exemption for pre 1960 vehicles  (Read 2401 times)

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Re: MOT exemption for pre 1960 vehicles
« Reply #15 on: 29.05. 2012 17:45 »
No I didn't dream it, the government realised that historic vehicles employed thousands of people, so became less of a proposition. It's usually women that I dream about.
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Re: MOT exemption for pre 1960 vehicles
« Reply #16 on: 29.05. 2012 17:55 »
HI there I did vote on the FBHVC website to keep having MOT's on the grounds that it is a good idea to have someone at least once a year to check over my bike to see if it is roadworthy. I have had 15 MOT's done on my Gold Flash and it has never failed because I always check it over myself before taking it in. But on 2 occaisions he did find that 2 mudgaurd bolts had come loose and he commented that he thought my rear chain was a little tight but not unduly so. I still think it is good idea to have an independant skilled  person to check bikes over.

With regard to the DVLA selling registration numbers when I restored my last bike an A65 I rang the DVLA to see wether the number was still available as I had the original log book. I was told that in cases like mine where the bike had never been on the road since the early seventies. The DVLA would have no record of the number because it was never issued with a V5 so as far as they were concerned the number did not exist and therefore they cannot sell numbers that do not exist. That is why when you apply for a retension of a number you the owner have to prove that it exists with either the old log book an old MOT or Tax disc which shows the registration number or a copy of the original registration document which some local authorities have kept but sadly some have destroyed when everything was centrilised at Swansea. The government is also looking to close all the local DVLA offices which I think will make it harder to get an age related or original registration as everything will have to go through Swansea.

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Re: MOT exemption for pre 1960 vehicles
« Reply #17 on: 07.09. 2012 18:38 »
A case in point for me today when I took the A7 for its annual test As a 1961 model of course I will still need the MOT certificate anyway but the tester discovered that my rear sprocket mounting nuts were loose - very loose actually. Had he not found this I doubt it would have become apparent till they came adrift with goodness knows what horrible consequence.
I had the rear wheel off earlier in the year to replace the brake shoes, presumably I had only finger tightened the nuts and become distracted by some family crisis or other so never took the spanner to them.
Even if I was a pre 1960 owner I think I'd stick with the annual MOT !


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Re: MOT exemption for pre 1960 vehicles
« Reply #18 on: 07.09. 2012 20:42 »
 I agree Peter,
                    down here in NSW Oz we have yearly rego checks (pink ticket) and am glad to have someone else check things over. Some states don't have inspections and you can tell by the rust buckets on their roads. If I see an out of state # plate I give them plenty of space.
 Historic (hysterical) rego (permit to move) is available for vehicals 30 years + and don't need a pink ticket. It does need to be checked by a club inspector (ME). { gee musky, how did that get in } *smile* ;) *beer*
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Re: MOT exemption for pre 1960 vehicles
« Reply #19 on: 08.09. 2012 04:36 »

Hystorical rego in Qld only allows you to ride it on club sanctioned runs or a trip to your mechanic.

Our dating and technical officer refuses to accept that my ajs stormer is in fact a 1935 New Hudson and my mechanic lives in Mt. Isa.

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Re: MOT exemption for pre 1960 vehicles
« Reply #20 on: 08.09. 2012 09:30 »

Olev-is that a dilemma, or an open license? couldn't you get a 'canic in Camooweal,Bamaga,Birdsville or The 'gatta

 Musky, my ruse works, I like my space *smile*, anyway our 'roads' are a bit from you I guess by 'some states', you mean the far mexicans??(Vicco's) I think it's an all round thing, 'specially interstate vulvos.  *eek*
 I should've taken note where that crater was that put matching flat spots in my Moto rims a few years ago, but I know it was between Syd & Melbs probably round about Bega..... *smile*

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Re: MOT exemption for pre 1960 vehicles
« Reply #21 on: 13.10. 2012 13:26 »
My bike is a 1954 Flash but was registered in 1981. It says nothing about date of manufacture on the V5. How do I get on in relation to the MOT rules ?

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Re: MOT exemption for pre 1960 vehicles
« Reply #22 on: 13.10. 2012 13:41 »
You could try the BSA Owners Club. They should be able to give a date of manufacture from the Frame number and give you a certificate for the DVLA. I do not think the engine no is relevant for registration purposes as they go on the frame no.
You may need to send the V5 off to get the date of registration changed - best call DVLA to check.

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