Author Topic: Push Rods what B**ch of a job  (Read 4225 times)

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Re: Push Rods what B**ch of a job
« Reply #30 on: 26.05. 2012 12:01 »
Musky you are just a sore blueser. Go Queensland!!!!! 7 in a row.
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Re: Push Rods what B**ch of a job
« Reply #31 on: 27.05. 2012 15:32 »
Glad you said that Terry *eek*. Good one? Dodgy? All looked ok ta me *smile*, but have you seen the bumper stickers six yrs ago said 'it's official-NSW sucks'? But that was 6 yrs ago!

 Moving on, I sorted my pushed tips-remember them? I put one end in the drill in a table vice, and ran the other end through a small bearing in another vice, spun it in reverse and profiled the other end with the dremel. Will post a picture when I get home later.

OK here's later-
2 pics >first one is just the profile gauge I made that's a bit hard to see in > pic.2
I use this method for a lot of things, usually with an angle grinder and got the idea from a guys letter/story in a custom ragazine back in the eighties.
 Also interesting to note, being 'dural' they (rods) are not at all magnetic, so the idea of a magnet to do rocker box is out.
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Re: Push Rods what B**ch of a job
« Reply #32 on: 29.05. 2012 11:57 »
Wasn't there another method for settng the pushrods correctly mooted in one of the Classic glossies some months back? Short bits of fuel line poked down to hold the pushrods in place whilst the box is bolted down and then pulled out after - maybe with long nosed pliers. Meant you didn't get your gasket goo all over the alignment tool.
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Re: Push Rods what B**ch of a job
« Reply #33 on: 02.06. 2012 22:12 »
Well guys I am 2 hours into this pain in the a$$  job.  I had to stop for a break.  I have done this job a couple of times and I dont remember being this fustrated.  Almost thinking of selling up.  Jeff

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Re: Push Rods what B**ch of a job
« Reply #34 on: 03.06. 2012 14:37 »
At the risk of annoying some I have never had a problem fitting the rocker box even in situ. I dont use a comb like others I just use my fingers and a bit of a bent coat hangar.

I will say the alloy heads when the engine is in situ are a bit more tricky due to the longer rocker box studs but maybe I have just been lucky.

Mind you to be fair when I was about 18 I probably had my cylinder head off about every 20 minutes so it may just be a case of practise  *smile*