Author Topic: Pushrod puzzle  (Read 1942 times)

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Re: Pushrod puzzle
« Reply #30 on: 14.02. 2019 14:49 »
Hi Mosin
The shop that did the work are probably more used to modern engines that require ultra close tolerances
They never bothered reaming / honing the guides at all once the valve went into the guide  *sad2* *eek*

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Re: Pushrod puzzle
« Reply #31 on: 14.02. 2019 20:22 »
The only thing I have not heard is that sometimes the valve spring retainers will foul the inside of the rocker box. It does not happen often, check for crescent shaped marks on the inner area of the rocker box. Lloyd L.
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Re: Pushrod puzzle
« Reply #32 on: 15.02. 2019 20:17 »
G'day Mosin.
Good to hear your getting to the bottom of it.
LLoyd has a point. If an iron head or SS rockerbox is fitted to a SR this will happen. The SR rockerbox is relieved in that area to give clearance.
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Re: Pushrod puzzle
« Reply #33 on: 07.03. 2019 01:45 »
Hi Mosin,

I don't leaving a newly-rebuild engine idling is good. I have heard of them seizing up after this. I believe in the early bedding in of the rings (having put them in dry, with just a bit of light oil on the skirt). I used the "Klaus" method - of "stationery" running in. After that, no:-
- excessive idling
- high revs
- lugging in too low a gear
for the first 500 miles...

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Re: Pushrod puzzle
« Reply #34 on: 21.03. 2019 00:38 »
I would still be a bit suspicious like muskrat I have had a10 rocker boxes on and off a million times and can do them in my sleep but I have never been able to get a pushrod back in without raising the box just a mm or 2. I suppose you could force the valve open to do this but if you are not doing that then I really would wonder how those pushrods can come in and out like that