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Girder Forks and Rigid
« on: 20.06. 2012 21:23 »
Left the Super Rocket and Shooting Star in the garage today and finally commissioned my 1937 M23 Empire Star.

Had done a couple of short runs following a lot of fettling and Beezermac fixing the dynamo, so went on a VMCC Men of Kent run today of over hundred miles (including to/from start point).

What an experience as my first long range outing without suspension units. My teeth are now where my nuts should be and heaven knows where the latter went!!

The little Emp was a joy to ride and a real head turner. It surprised me just how manouverable it was compared with the big lump of an A10. Minor problem with clutch cable saw me curtail and head for home a little early but a brilliant day!

Back on the Super Rocket tomorrow for British Bike Night at the Wagon & Horses in Charing, Kent.

Sav (mine's the one at the back on the attachment)
1961 A10SR, spent a fortune at SRM
1961 A7SS, finally the right green
2011 New addition 1937 Empire Star, twin port, high pipes. Turned out to be the most unreliable bike I have handled.
2017 finally found the liner/barrel were flexing and causing all the overheating/nipping up. Early B33 barrel fitted and it's reliable at last!