Author Topic: New A10 in my garage, help please.  (Read 764 times)

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New A10 in my garage, help please.
« on: 06.10. 2012 15:31 »
My 1954 arrived by trailer today. Very pleased to see a new set of pistons inside the plug holes for a bike that has not been used for several years. Also gob-smacked to have a spark both sides.

1/ Don't seem to be a kill switch on the end of the magneto ? Am I looking in the wrong place ?

2/ Has anyone got a wiring diagram the can email me. ( 1954 Flash, swinging arm model, engine number 970 !! )

3/ It has been fiited with a concentric Amal, correct jet sizes please.


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Re: New A10 in my garage, help please.
« Reply #1 on: 06.10. 2012 15:44 »
Your magneto is probably the earlier type with a domed alloy end cover. The cutout is that steel mushroom headed thing sticking out.

A touch difficult to reach in an emergency..... I've converted mine to cable & cutout on the bars.
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Re: New A10 in my garage, help please.
« Reply #2 on: 06.10. 2012 16:54 »
Best change the @ in your email address to (AT) so the spam bots don't find it.
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Re: New A10 in my garage, help please.
« Reply #3 on: 07.10. 2012 00:50 »
Hello & welcome to the forum. Edited the email. You have 3 questions in one post, none fitting the engine board topics. Maybe better to repost in the correct boards > Amal & Carburation \ Lucas, Electrical, Ignition.

And use a few minutes searching before posting, you'll find lots of stuff, for example wiring diagrams.
Also, in this board you'll find instructions manuals + service sheets which includes wiring.

Good luck with your project, post in the correct boards, add some descriptive pictures when needed to show problems, you'll get lots of help.

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