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Shipping a motor
« on: 12.08. 2012 22:15 »
I need to crate up a motor that I have bought in UK. anyone know how best to get this done so that it arrives safely? (aside from installing it in a frame, and riding east !!! Thanks.

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Re: Shipping a motor
« Reply #1 on: 12.08. 2012 22:42 »
G'day Gavin,
I've crated an engine over from the US, it can be expensive if you don't do it right.
Make sure who ever is crating it up uses a treated timber crate for export, I ended up
getting on line & brought a h/d cardboard & timber box from a packaging Co. & got it
sent to the sellers house. If they send it in untreated timber, it will still arrive in
Australia, but you will be contacted be quarantine, & be prepared to dish out some
more cash. Also make sure the seller has the motor spotlessly clean, otherwise quarantine
will again charge you to fumigate & clean. Also get all freight quotes upfront, they are good
at adding extras when it arrives.

regards, Cus
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Re: Shipping a motor
« Reply #2 on: 18.08. 2012 08:52 »
Well thanks. that lead me to using the following "crate" I recon it will do the job well, but it's a tad heavy. But with good packaging the motor should be safe as.

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Re: Shipping a motor
« Reply #3 on: 18.08. 2012 12:34 »
if it is going sea freight...weight doesn,t factor in...only the volume...(cubic measure....)  check with your broker....but that is how it has gone with me...shipping from north america to oz... shipping by air.. cant have any oil...and usually  cant ship anything that ever had oil in it... i tried to air freight a gearbox... could try to sneak it thru...but may end up in a wharehouse somewhere...with somebody trying to determine the oil content

and most important...all the rules change by the day....
good luck with it...
    i have a good idea of what it is like to pay a bunch of money for some used parts...spend day after day dealing fools and deskies getting all legal..paid stupid amounts for shipping, taxes, brokerage...wait for months..then the big day...busting open a box containing a clapped out 40-50-60 year old engine...gearbox...

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Re: Shipping a motor
« Reply #4 on: 19.08. 2012 11:23 »
The best way to do it is to build a small box on top of a cut down pallet out of new 3 or 5 ply.
Wrap the engine in glad wrap
Place the engine central in the box weight wise then fill the box with foam.
Something like no more gaps.
glue the lid on with some thing like liquid nails.
then strap the box to the pallet in both directions.
Metal strapping is better then the plastic but either will do.
It will be handled by a fork lift so it needs to be on something that the fork can get under
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