Author Topic: BSA Owners Club All British Rally 2013  (Read 569 times)

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BSA Owners Club All British Rally 2013
« on: 24.08. 2012 20:42 »

Hi all, My Name is Andrew, I have been a forum member now for a few years, I mostly have a read of what's happening and help when it's needed. hopefully by now there are a few of you that know me or have met me at the rallies.
I have been voted in to be the new PR Person for the BSAMOA (BSA Motorcycle Owners Association Victoria). As PR person it is my job to lift the proflie of the club, help get new members, sponsors, help with the ABR etc. etc.

*Always welcome new members
*Regular rides
*Midweek rides
*Anual events
*To continue running and improving the ABR we need more sponsors / vendors at the Rally. If you have a business or sell anything to do with bikes or old blokes in general we need your support.
*BSAMOA needs the support of motorcycle magazines
*I am open to listen to any ideas on all things club or Rally related
If you are not a member and have a british bike you are most welcome. It's only $40 for yearly membership so join up now. You can log onto the link below for club contacts.

GP Run We have an annual GP run down to a small park on the Sth Gippsland Hwy Just past the Kooweerup turn off where we have a bacon and egg + coffee and watch the bikes ride past, it's a leisurely outing for your pommy bike. This link is the exact location, , contact the club for the meeting place of the ride down or just turn up at 8:30 - 9:30 am

If anyone wants to contact me direct for  information regarding Sponsorship, membership or anything else club related I can be contacted directly at or mbile 0402840018

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