Author Topic: Copper Rocker cover gaskets  (Read 2010 times)

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Re: Copper Rocker cover gaskets
« Reply #15 on: 17.04. 2013 10:36 »
I don't really get the need for copper gaskets

I'm inclined to agree Neil, reckon I might get swayed to try a set though , just like to see the dimensions really as I have had leaking rocker box issues in the past which turned out to be poorly cut bought gaskets as below, answer was to make my own as further below, been oil tight ever since

( Admin - sorry meant to just put a link in here rather than post pics already here - but I forget how to get the url up, it'll come to me when I don't need it)
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Re: Copper Rocker cover gaskets
« Reply #16 on: 17.04. 2013 11:20 »
Another good reason for the copper gaskets is that the rockerbox is the head steady and has a lot of forces acting on it. The copper gaskets give a more rigid fixing.

Ah, that sounds daft; to put loading on an aluminium box. Not so with pre-swinging arm models though, eh?

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Re: Copper Rocker cover gaskets
« Reply #17 on: 22.04. 2013 11:30 »
I was going to go along the line of copper gaskets on the rocker box, after several attempts to cure a oil leak, I had it off soo many times the wife thought I was having an affair, then I disovered that there was a slight hair line crack at the tee piece of the oil pipe.
Took this off and re-soldered it and have not had any problem since, thank God.