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Re: Tufnel gear
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Bill , ye of little faith in our breathren ,you should know you don't eat with your eye's ,it might have looked completely vile ( sorry Richard but true ) but if it tasted ok thats all that matters! particularly when partaking of large amounts of beer to keep it down!! slightly closer to post , my uncle ran the Tufnell office in Manchester from 1946  and if I recall correctly they made the winding gears for the NCB ,it was stronger than steel but they also needed something in the anti spark department and then diversified into electrical insulators etc BobH
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Re: Tufnel gear
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interesting stuff Bob
and I'll close my eyes when next in our local curry house although that could be a long time off unless their portions have increased substantially (and I'm not a big eater)

PS spotted a spelling mistake just before I went to send, I'd put potions instead of portions - oops
All the best - Bill
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Re: Tufnel gear
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Just listening.
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