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Re: 61 A10
« Reply #15 on: 29.06. 2009 10:06 »
MikeN said in his post that he removed the prong in the bottom of his fork legs.
How do you do this?
Later forks than mine have an allen screw in the bottom of the leg, holding the damper arrangement in place.
My forks don't have this screw.
Is that prong thingy unscrewed from the inside with a tube spanner or something?

I remember now.
 Because I have A65 sliders and I didnt have the correct A65 damper assemblies ,I measured the tapered prong part from my friends A10 which as you say is a not removable and made a pair o my lathe.I secured them in the bottom of the sliders using a screw up from the bottom  through the hole provided.
 sorry I didnt make that clear but its was about 3 years since I did this and i havent looked since
  I have since fabricated the earlier type damper rod asseblies that drop in down from the top.


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Re: 61 A10
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     well,we seem to have quite a lot in common!,my RGS rep cripples me also!.as for the forks clanking mine was exactly the same and having recently converted the bike to clip ons i replaced the springs with some progressive ones and also fit two way damping rods,what a differance,job sorted and now feels like a new you allready have the two way damping rods,which looking at your pic would say they are period Eddie Dow ones as they have the acorn nuts on the stanchion top nuts,i would try some new progessive springs,just need to drop the fork legs,remove the metal shrouds and new springs go straight in.i would also try some thicker fork regards the kickstart lever fouling your leg a forward quadrant as fitted to Gold Stars/RGS will re-orientate the lever to one o clock,problem solved,these are readily available but a bit expensive at around £60.

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Re: 61 A10
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Olev, there is no easy fix. It seems that you need a set of sliders from about the 1966/67 bikes. I am not sure if your dampers would even fit them as I am not sure what yours are off.
You had to mention State of Origin didn't you? How did Brisbane go against Newcastle last time?

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Re: 61 A10
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The Knights???...Brisbane???? aaaaaaaAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thats dirty fighting Trev.
but you keep an eye on Bennie and his Dragons.
and I'll keep the eye open for a set of 66/67 sliders. My shed is full of great ideas that didn't quite work.
If you find me a set, I'll send you a slab of XXXX. It'll go a long way to controlling your emotions on the 15th.

ps: for people that don't know.
Newcastle is just like the kiwis - always punching outside their weight ............ oneday..?