Author Topic: BSA product codes, any logic or ...?  (Read 961 times)

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BSA product codes, any logic or ...?
« on: 05.09. 2008 12:09 »
Being a rather new and happy BSA owner, with an engineering background, and interest in history, I started out trying to find a pattern in the BSA product(model) coding, but alas.

Is there a logic to it ?
Why did the A models appear after the B models and M models, what does the "10" and "7" stands for in the A range, or the "33" etc in the B range, it can not be related to effect, speed, cylinder-volume, weight, taxation-class, so what is it ?

I can understand the figures  A65 etc , but "10" that superseeded it puzzles me.

Being also an MG owner I managed to find the logic in their coding, it is  there but not perfect (for an engineer).

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Re: BSA product codes, any logic or ...?
« Reply #1 on: 05.09. 2008 18:58 »
Well I suppose its
M=sidevalve single
C=umm err commuter lightweight single?
D=Bantam...I mean 2 stroke
L= lightweight (pre war)
I'm not even sure what letter the Vtwins got and why did Starfires become B25s whilst Barracudas were C25?
And then you've got all these ZB/DBD/BLAH/BLAH/ETC

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Re: BSA product codes, any logic or ...?
« Reply #2 on: 05.09. 2008 22:27 »
Good question Nitti.

BSA used a letter to prefix models from almost the begining, the "K" model springs to mind and that started in about 1914 or roundabouts.

As to why they chose particular combinations of letters and numbers I have no idea.

Hopefully someone will know if indeed there was any reason or "system" to it all.