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A10 1958 clutch.
« on: 05.09. 2008 09:32 »
Hi every body my name is Iain i am new to this site and new to BSAs, i have a BSA A10 and i have just changes the clutch from a six to a 4 spring, and it al went together very well, but when i press the clutch lever the plates and springs moves evenly, but this does not stop the back wheel moving when i select 1st gear, and its the save no matter how loose or tight the springs are.
i am on line alday long, if any body would like to give me some help, you can contact me on msn user name is
many thanks and can i say this seams a realy great BSA forum.

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Iain's Clutch Question
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If you click the following link, it will take you to an extensive discussion of, I think, the exact problem you are having.

I believe our administrator may choose to relocate this topic as it does not go with the "Mag or Boyer..." topic.

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Re: A10 1958 clutch.
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administrator may choose to relocate this topic

Welcome Iain, I hope you will find good help here. Search the forum, you will find lots of posts about the clutch.

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