Author Topic: A10 cam followers  (Read 1331 times)

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A10 cam followers
« on: 17.10. 2012 11:08 »
Hi,every body,just a quick question,i took today a set of new push rods,and cam followers,because i never had any of these parts to begin with,i am not 100 per cent what follower goes in the barrell,as there is no write up about them in the Hayes manual, also they seem to be a bit on the tight side, just working from a parts list, also there is no part number on the followers to say which is exhaust/ inlet, any help is appreciated.

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Re: A10 cam followers
« Reply #1 on: 17.10. 2012 11:52 »
See under Service sheets heading within Home page of this forum : Chapter 06 BSA A& A10 WIKI
Shows drawing, which should help you in assembly, inlet and exhaust are different.
Regarding them being tight, this needs investigating, as they should be free moving.
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Re: A10 cam followers
« Reply #2 on: 17.10. 2012 11:57 »
I think you will find it not possible to fit the followers incorrectly in the barrel. The Flat sides fit against each other obviously.

As for being tight I think that's been mentioned before with aftermarket followers on this forum and you may have to "fettle" them to get them to fit properly, a job best started by accurately measuring them to see what you've got eg whether they are tapered etc

Where did the followers come from?

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Re: A10 cam followers
« Reply #3 on: 17.10. 2012 18:05 »
Agree with above comments. The outer followers have radiused 'outer' profiles, and correspond with the shape of their bores. Inner pair slide against the outers on one side, and is located by the transverse pin in the middle, so each has flat sides although they aren't symmetrical because one flat is recessed.
However, on the tightness thing  . . .   I just bought a set, and one follower of the four was a thou oversize and took a lot of fitting and a lot of time. At the moment, there aren't lots of followers available as far as I can see. I got the last set then in stock from British Only Austria a few weeks ago which is why I decided to make the odd one fit rather than replace the whole set.  Helen at BOA said 'send it back etc' but as they hadn't got any others  . . . . and folk like C&D had none  . . . . Maybe they're back in stock everywhere now.
A few weeks ago it was AMC followers that were unobtainium. Probably the same folk making all these things, what do I know! Cheers, Bill

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Re: A10 cam followers
« Reply #4 on: 17.10. 2012 18:48 »
G'day Michael, ditto from me too. I bought a set where one was a thou large. Had to do the old barn dance with them to find the combination with least resistance then blue the big one and relieve it where it required. Most important they do not bind at all.
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