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MAP oil filter
« on: 07.09. 2008 03:26 »
Hello everybody,

The messages about fitting an oil filter, or not made me remember a very fine cartridge filter I saw in the Classic Bike. Of course, I'm convinced that my A10 needs something more serious than the original filtring, but the troubles you had with the cartidge filter made me think that the filter has to be located at least under the level of the oil, in the tank, or better, the oil return trunion level, to prevent wet sumping, and take a minimum of air in it.
here is the thing :

It seems it's quite the same fitted on Triumph Trident, and is oftenly fitted on Triumph twins, so should be good for our oldies. The good idea is that it can be fitted much more easily in a hidden place, and in a more orthodox place than the big one.

Has one of you used such a filter?

Cheers Claude

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Re: MAP oil filter
« Reply #1 on: 07.09. 2008 10:07 »
This is the same system that I envisaged here:

The MAP filter looks very good and even smaller, it should be very easy to hide away.

There is one with a different tube connection, labeled Bsa/Triumph

I'm going to order one, 6500 or 6510 for a plunger?

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Re: MAP oil filter
« Reply #2 on: 07.09. 2008 13:06 »
I sould be tempted by the 6500, as the location of the connections would permit to fot the opening side of the filter on the timing side of the bike (the other one has both connections in one direction, and to fit it cleanly without too many tubing, you get the opening side facing the chain...)
I'll buy it too, my engine has been just remade, and I intend it to last a long time !
cheers Claude