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Clutch & Gearbox problem
« on: 09.09. 2008 14:08 »
Hello everybody Iain here new to BSA, and since buying my A10 i have had several problems first was pumping out black smoke, so i replaced all jets in carb and sorted the problem out, then had trouble with changing gear and clutch slip, after several days i jumped in and took the gear box outer cover off and found the the gear selector rod had come out and was wedged against the gear selector fork, so i pushed it back in and secured it with grub screw on back of gear box, after i had removed the clutch. that seamed to solve the problem with stiff gears, then i changed the clutch from a 6 spring to a 4 spring, and everything went to back together very well after after chatting to some nice people. the problem i have now is when i select first gear it is very hard and the is a grinding sound coming from the gearbox/clutch. so again last night i desided to strip the outer and inner cases of the gearbox, the gear box looks in really good condition no damage anywere. i want to put the gearbox back together but i can not find anything wrong (the wife is getting fedup with me living in the garage) so i want to get it sorted can anybody please HELP,
i am always on MSN during the day please if u can help and have the time please please contact me
many thanks

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Re: Clutch & Gearbox problem
« Reply #1 on: 09.09. 2008 20:10 »
Is it difficult to engage low gear from neutral with the engine running? Is it also difficult to engage second from neutral? Does the bike creep after engaging? What do mean by "very hard"? With the engine OFF and first gear engaged, does the bike push freely with clutch lever pulled in? What year and model A10?
Please respond on forum so that we can all see what's going on, Iain.
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Re: Clutch & Gearbox problem
« Reply #2 on: 09.09. 2008 23:05 »
These are the classic results of your clutch not lifting true or far enough. Have a look at previous threads for cures. Believe me, it can be fixed.


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Re: Clutch & Gearbox problem
« Reply #3 on: 10.09. 2008 11:31 »
Hi David & Trev
                      Thanks for your replys sorry i did not give enough information i am new to this forum thing.
anyway just to let you both know and for information for anybody else who has same sort of problem.(CHECK ALL PARTS ARE CORRECT AND WERE THEY SHOULD BE AND DONT ASUME THEY ARE FITTED CORRECTLY)
i have a 1958 A10 pick it up end of july 08. Clutch and gears have never been working well, the problem with gears were very hard to change and grinding in 1st gear & clutch slipped alot. I explained before the gear selector rod had come out about 2 inches and this was why gears were so hard to change, so i opened up gearbox and pushed rod back in and secured it with grub screw on back of gearbox,  i had to remove the clutch to get to the grub screw and also look at clutch, it was so bad it needed changing so ordered a new 4 spring clutch and fitted. any way back to the gearbox while it was apart i took all parts out to have a look and make sure everything was ok,  wrote down how it all came out, checked it all over and seamed in really good condition so i put it all back together the same way i took it apart (my mistake). as before grinding in first gear so stripped gearbox AGAIN and on closer inspection of how things went together following the BSA spares book and Haynes manual i found out whoever put gearbox together before,  had put the kickstarter ratchet pinion sleeve washer (67-3161) between layshaft gear (67-3199) and layshaft gear bush (67-3093). so i put gearbox back together following parts manual, and with new 4 spring clutch fitted 10.30pm last night took it up the road for a quick spin and gears worked well and no grinding and new clutch worked well bike pulled like never before that was so lovely, may have to adjust clutch slightly but it was late and i was tired so will do this another day.
hope this information is useful to others.

just want to say that from reading information on this forum helped and made me think about the problem a lot more. thanks once again i am glad i found this forum.