Author Topic: Swingarm Star Twin ?  (Read 1355 times)

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Re: Swingarm Star Twin ?
« Reply #15 on: 28.10. 2012 09:17 »
I've searched every bit of literature I have plus spent hours on the net and I can only find one very small reference to them.

There is a website dedicated to the Super Flash and he has one very small remark.

"The most significant change was to use a swing arm frame on some of the very last models shipped in late '53 and early '54."

Definitely a model that virtualy no one knows about.

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Re: Swingarm Star Twin ?
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FWIW, the consignee of CA10S113 looks like "Hinteregger". Hinteregger was the name of the general importer for Ford and BSA in Austria, starting right after WW2 for several years, so could fit indeed!
Hmm, if it still exists, how can I find this bike...  ???? *smile*
Relevant information can be submitted to me and will be rewarded with a cold drink of your choice.  ;) *beer*

Cheers, Markus
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Re: Swingarm Star Twin ?
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Hi All. Going back to the start. I first became aware of a Swinging Arm Star-Twin when I found a pair of 'CA7S' cases at the Netley jumble. At first I thought someone had been enhancing a standard A7 number by adding the 'S' but with a little research I found out that Swinging arm Star-Twins were produced. The information I have states 'as BA7S plunger Star-Twin but with a swinging arm frame' it also seems to imply that the alloy head was only for the Shooting-Star model introduced at the same time, so does this mean Cast Iron head on the A7 ST S/A? It also states that the vast majority were despatched to Sweden. Was this just different market forces? or a slightly cheaper Shooting-Star?  It would be really good if someone could come up with a photo of a original swinging arm Star-Twin, Any chance?  Regards, Peter
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