Author Topic: Fitting an oil filter  (Read 4160 times)

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Re: Fitting an oil filter
« Reply #15 on: 19.08. 2017 14:54 »
If you fit an oil filter in the return line there is another advantage.
Drain engine oil from tank, refill tank with new oil. Remove oil filter and start engine, the dirty oil in the sump and lines will be pumped out the return line till fresh oil comes through. Stop engine and fit new oil filter.  *smile*

I don't wait for fresh oil to come through.  I just let it pump out the puddle of old oil from the crankcase until it pumps air with the oil.

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Re: Fitting an oil filter
« Reply #16 on: 07.09. 2017 04:24 »
 I'm working through this right now.

 I have removed the divider in the tool box.

 I marked the free area between the battery and the fender so I know where my lines can sneak through.

 I plan to make a bracket to hold the filter head, and use the 2 box mounting bolts to hold the bracket in place.

 I would take pictures, but I have managed to break the camera on my 2 month old phone. Samsung galaxy s7, supposed to be SUPER tough military grade. Putting the phone in your pocket with change is considered abuse *angry* *angry* *angry*
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Re: Fitting an oil filter
« Reply #17 on: 07.09. 2017 12:33 »
i bought an Hi De Hi oil filter which uses a trident or rocket3 cartridge it is long and slim and can be hidden under the ski slope above the gearbox, very short oil lines and very hard to see unless you look very closely, easy to change filter and i am well pleased with it. 
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