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The new toy
« on: 24.11. 2012 07:59 »
Just picked up the latest toy.
The little beast will spend most of its time parked on our mountainous block in central Qld.
We will only be using it for about one weekend in every six weeks to two months (maybe longer).
The big question is how do I look after the thing when its not being used?
I've been told not to drain the fuel as it dries out Orings or something.
I've also been told to drain the fuel as it goes sour after a bit.
Apparently it weighs nothing and can sit on its fat tyres forever without trouble.
Does anyone have any ideas or a set of rules we should use to preserve the thing?
Water, tyres, petrol, oil, body fluids, etc??
I've already bought a big black hat.

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Re: The new toy
« Reply #1 on: 24.11. 2012 09:37 »
To keep it from rusting up, drive it everytime you go near it. The mower shops sell a fuel additive to stop fuel going stale. I find that adding fresh ULP seems to liven up old fuel. Except motorcycles with CV carbs, they need all new fuel. The Suzuki 4WD's are a great vehicle. Tomcat
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