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« on: 28.12. 2012 21:58 »
Hi Guys,
Here's some information that might be useful to those who don't have the luck to live in Oz or in sunny California
Some time ago I came across a product called "Scottoiler"
It's a oily emulsion designed to spray on bikes or other stuff you want to protect against winter conditions.
I use it for some time now on the A10, and it really is great stuff. It leaves a protective layer, and is also very water repellent.
I paid 11 euro's for a bottle that should take me at least through 3 winters.
So, no excuses anymore to lay your bike up for winter.
Keep on riding!
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Re: Winterprotection
« Reply #1 on: 28.12. 2012 22:41 »
Scottoiler FS365.

It's generally reckoned that ACF50 is better.