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Minor running issues
« on: 17.02. 2013 15:30 »
Ok been out on the Book Bike (1960 A10 gold flash) and had a nice ride. She to pulls nicely and rides straight. Started well and ticks over when up right.

Only two problems noticed that I would like to ask about

1)   When warm she seams to over run. That is when cold and you shut down the throttle revs drop back immediately, when she it hot the revs seam to drop slowly. Most noticeable when trying to slow down as the revs don’t drop quickly there appears to be little engine breaking but there is if already slowing and change down a gear.
2)   She ticks over almost too fast when up right but when on the side stand she will stall.

Any pointers would be much appreciated.
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Re: Minor running issues
« Reply #1 on: 17.02. 2013 17:18 »
Make sure. There is some slack in the throttle cable.

Test for manifold air leaks by spraying the joints with WD40 while it's idling.

Having fixed any leaks-
While idling (upright)  warm, screw the idle mixture screw in until the engine sounds blubbery. Screw it out just until it sounds steady. Adjust the idle speed with the throttle stop screw until its idling as slowly as it can and still sound steady.

Then repeat, because fiddling with the throttle stop may have upset the mixture.

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Re: Minor running issues
« Reply #2 on: 17.02. 2013 17:46 »
2)   She ticks over almost too fast when up right but when on the side stand she will stall.
float problem ?

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Re: Minor running issues
« Reply #3 on: 17.02. 2013 23:38 »
I had the same problem with overrun on one of my bikes.  It turned out that I had slightly overtightened the carb mounting bolts and distorted the carb body, thus binding the slide from quickly returning to the idle position (also only when warm).  Try loosening the bolts and just tightening them enough to eliminate any air leaks.  Hopefully this will help!  I agree with A10gf on the float level being off on the stalling on the sidestand.

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