Author Topic: Wheel bearing query?  (Read 522 times)

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Wheel bearing query?
« on: 21.02. 2013 20:04 »
Good evening, my super rocket rebuild is progressing at an alarming rate, engine and gearbox are all fitted and I am now onto the front brakes. The forks are now fitted so today I was reassembling the front wheel bearing, I have the full width hub. The bearing on the brake assembly side of the hub was fitted together with a spacer ring and screwed into place with the threaded retainer, but when I tapped in the bearing on the other side ( naive plate side), the bearing seems to go into the hub to far and the grease retaining plate and the circlip don't really do anything, apart from stopping the bearing falling completely out the hub? Is this correct, will the bearing move out sideways or should there be a spacer? Also before tightening up the top nuts and the pinch bolts on the front forks what is the best way to check that the forks are aligned. All info will be greatfully recieved.

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Re: Wheel bearing query?
« Reply #1 on: 21.02. 2013 20:45 »
Wylyetom, Yeah, I noticed this on the full width cast hubs, it looks wrong dosen't it? I think the circlip is just to stop the dust cover falling out The bearing will eventually rest on the shoulder of the spindle if you continue to drive it in. There is certainly no spacer shown in the manual as far as I can see so I don't really know? Someone more knowlegeable than me will comment I'm sure!

With regard to the forks, I tend to leave averything loose then sit on the bike and with the front brake on compress and release the suspension and shake the bars until it all looks settled and straight, and then tighten up.

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Re: Wheel bearing query?
« Reply #2 on: 16.03. 2013 22:27 »
Hi, just looked at your photo of the front wheel bearing.  Shouldn't there be a "cover/spacer" which goes between the bearing and the circlip?  I have one on my '59RR but don't have a parts list to check.
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