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neil parker

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Head scratching problem
« on: 22.02. 2013 21:06 »
Problem~ I have a 1955 Golden Flash with single monoblock carby, runs rich on the r/h cylinder, the spark plug very sooty , the l/h side perfect light brown. I have had the magneto checked with the HT leads i am using in position, its good and fires at exactly 180 deg. Compression is good, i have had the head off and found everything perfect, valve guides new seats good and re lapped. Tappet clearance timing spot on.Spark plugs changed ngk BP7HS. After putting it back together i have exactly the same problem.
It has been suggested to file the inlet manifold spacer 10 thou making it wedge shaped to kick carby slightly to the l/h side to even up the distribution of the fuel flow.
Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Head scratching problem
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yes filing the washer works for me, you can buy thick washers at jumbles.

search the forum for "bias" and you should find  information you need
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Re: Head scratching problem
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Cake Street Classics sell 'em ready made.