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Belated Welcomes
« on: 27.02. 2013 18:56 »

I think we all agree that this forum is a fantastic place for A7/A10 owners and enthusiasts to find technical information and comradery with others of our kind. This is a big part of why it has grown so big and busy. I am sure fewer and fewer members (or guests), if any, can still follow all the topics or posts. I would be among those who cannot. Nevertheless when we get a new member who posts a "Hello" message, often with questions, it's unfortunate when that member hears nothing back, at all. I was doing a bit of looking at the statistics of posts on the forum and saw that there have been many cases of one-posters who have waited years with no reply. I suppose they up and left, figuring, "what a bunch of d*cks". So, here it is (the reply, that is):

       Welcome all you new and not-so-new members having once posted your introduction without getting a civil reply. Please try again.  
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Re: Belated Welcomes
« Reply #1 on: 27.02. 2013 19:03 »
Good point - can't say I'm blameless I often have a quick look in the morning before I take out he whose face cannot be denied for his morning walk and quickly answer any with an interesting queerie leaving others that get lost after the next switch on, yep must pay more attention
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Re: Belated Welcomes
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Yup! Being ignored is not very welcoming.
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Re: Belated Welcomes
« Reply #3 on: 27.02. 2013 22:07 »
Good post, Richard. I try to follow up and post welcomes, but am spending most time here doing the forum maintenance (while my bike is still in pieces... one day I'll start again). I'd guess that with the number of members, it's easy to automatically assume there will always be someone (else) who will reply to some question.

And like on any forum, one cannot really be guaranteed the reply or attention one would have hoped for, so bumping a topic after some time is accepted and recommended.

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