Author Topic: Painting my tank  (Read 1949 times)

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Re: Painting my tank
« Reply #15 on: 24.04. 2013 17:48 »
The Ariel Alloy hub has a square headed adjuster sticking out opposite the brake arm

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Re: Painting my tank
« Reply #16 on: 15.09. 2013 00:47 »
Does anyone have some good photo's of a pear shaped tank painted from top or side, just waiting for mine to return from the chromers.

Am planning to scuff the chrome with scotchbrite, use a PA 10 etch primer and spraying enamels with a hardener, which I'm told these days are comparable to two pack without the health issues
The tank having been rechromed will have lost the original reference points. Hope it looks good, they did a great job with my export tank on Bender which I've left unpainted :)

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Re: Painting my tank
« Reply #17 on: 15.09. 2013 12:37 »
HI Tim,
Attached a photo of the side of my SR tank, I will search and see if I have  a topside pic

No guarantee if this is 100% but it looks good

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Re: Painting my tank
« Reply #18 on: 15.09. 2013 21:57 »
a tip;
I had my tank sprayed some time ago (round badge type). Before I took it to the painter, I used a paint marker to outline the exact shape. If your wrong, just wipe it off with some thinner and start again. Great way to judge whether the shape is right, and to judge if both sides are the same.

It was painted by my neighbour who's into Hot Rods bodywork (slowly trying to drag him into old bikes ;)). He used etch primer on the chrome, and finished off with 5 layers of paint and had a mate doing the pinstriping. Great job, very happy with it
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