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« on: 07.05. 2013 10:44 »
I thought I would not be able to ride my A7 here in Hungary as it had no MoT and there was no means of getting one. It can be expensive to register vehicles on Hungarian plates as there is a kind of import duty to pay. Now they have dropped the requirement for an MoT I thought I would see if I could sort out some insurance and get it on the road. It is about 3 years since I used the bike so I assume I will have lost my no claims bonus. I just tried to get a quote from Bikesure but there were so many questions I gave up in the end. I had to click a button for "change details" as it was quoting for a bike with no provision for taking a passenger. This then brought up a whole heap of questions including a section headed "Security" I just have a chain and padlock so from the list I selected "Other mechanical device" It was then asking me who fitted it and on what date!
Every year in UK it gets more and more complicated to get vehicle insurance. Here in Hungary when I bought my little Chevy I got the car dealer to arrange insurance and it could not have been simpler. There was nothing about accidents, convictions, where it gets parked etc etc and the premium is about £70 a year.