Author Topic: Need A10 cylinder sleeve advice  (Read 657 times)

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Need A10 cylinder sleeve advice
« on: 17.05. 2013 07:54 »
If anybody would be willing to share their experience/advice on sleeving BSA A10 cylinders I would be interested.  Does anybody have any opinions on how thick the walls of the sleeves should be before the sleeves need to be replaced?  I have a thin flange small fin cylinder that has old sleeves in it and is .020 over and in need of a re-bore.  It might clean up at .040 but may have to go to .060 at which point I'm worried that the sleeves will be too thin. 

Any advice will be appreciated.
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Re: Need A10 cylinder sleeve advice
« Reply #1 on: 17.05. 2013 08:24 »
My barrel is sleeved but thick flange and large fin and on standard bore of 70mm nominal, the sleeve has a wall of around 1.5 maybe 1.6mm and accepted wisdom seems to be you can bore them down to a wall of 1mm thick.

So accepted wisdom is to bore my barrel's seleeves to 71mm or plus 040 "maximum".

I don't think I would go beyond plus 020 but hopefully I will never have to make that decision!

Theres quite a few posts on sleeves on this forum but i hope that helps
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