Author Topic: BSA gearbox vs HD WL; no contest!  (Read 615 times)

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BSA gearbox vs HD WL; no contest!
« on: 18.05. 2013 10:40 »
Chalk and cheese in comparison.
A10 gearbox = robust, reliable, easy to work on and overhaul.

Harley WL; who dreamed this design up?
Complicated arrangement. Labour intensive to set up (shim).
When (if) I manage to rebuild this bastard of a thing, I will never go near one again!
Pity they didn't design it the pommy way.


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Re: BSA gearbox vs HD WL; no contest!
« Reply #1 on: 18.05. 2013 13:59 »
Agreed; but to be fair, the 45 'box is a much older design. No idea what pre-war BSA boxes are like.
Lots of guys dump the old 3-speed and fit a brit gearbox.
HD made up for it with the 80-up 5-speed; possibly the easiest 'box to work on ever!