Author Topic: Ya know what I hate?  (Read 3435 times)

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Re: Ya know what I hate?
« Reply #30 on: 16.12. 2013 14:19 »
BT well theres a definate addition to my " ya know what I hate " list , poss the same nice guyas you're dealing with Bill, has been upgrading my firms website ,all singing and dancing version promised, 8 mths later we're still waiting for the contact now link to work and the correct phones to be added.! Only thing they have done is take the payments ,all 8 of 'em despite it not working and proming a refund mths ago. Hope they sort yours for you regards BobH
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Re: Ya know what I hate?
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bsa- bill, excellent news. Over time, "things" can indeed creep into a pc, nice you got it sorted. The listed programs are good, and never ever seen any reports of them doing any damage. Am using them for regular checks, even when having no symptoms.

About dedicated registry cleaners, they can do as much damage as cleaning. Before using any of those, do a complete system\disk backup! Just my opinions. Only one I trust is the one that comes with ccleaner.


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