Author Topic: What top Yoke is this? and is it a road rocket or a super rocket?  (Read 627 times)

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Its a little confusing, our potential new project has come with this yoke and we cannot find out what its from

Also excuse the awful pictures but can anyone make out what the bike is from the picture?

The engine has got an alloy head but no speedo mount ( so cant be RGS) single carb head and ordinary carb

All the engine and frame numbers match

Many thanks


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               I don't know what that top yoke is but it is not A10.
The instruments are Norton Commando.
The engine number seems to be 1954 Road Rocket but the RRs delivered here had RR in the engine number, the single R being on Super Rockets.
The frame is early 1960.
Not sure what you mean about the speedo mount and RGS.


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An aftermarket item by A.R.E ?

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ARE  stands for Alloy Racing Equipment.

Cheers , Flatboy.