Author Topic: A brilliant day  (Read 902 times)

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A brilliant day
« on: 26.05. 2013 15:57 »
What a brilliant day today has been. I had not ridden my bike for nearly two years ( the legacy of a lot of radical surgery). The details of which I will not bore you with. I am now in much better health and so I spent most of last week recommissioning the bike in anticipation of riding it once more. After such a long time, as you might imagine quite a lot of work was required. I had already bought and fitted copper rocker gaskets. The original paper gaskets had been leaking when I last road the bike, and I had no reason to believe that a couple of years with the bike not being used was likely to cure the problem. Other jobs that have been done in the meantime have included sending the tank off to have the old lining stripped out, and a new ethanol proof lining put in. You should have seen the state of it, and needless to say the carb was completely choked with debris. The carb was cleaned up in my ultrasonic tank and you would not believe the muck that came out of it. There have been a lot of niggley little things to sort out, fitting new ethanol proof fuel taps, and fuel lines, and repolarising the generator for instance. Anyway, today everything came together, and it was all finished. The oil and the filter had been changed, and there was some nice fresh 99 octane in the tank. Time then to try the bike out then. I opened the fuel taps gave the carb a little tickle, and the engine burst into life at the first kick. Oh deep joy! I did a quick check to make sure that the oil was returning to the tank, and then it was off for a ride. Well, the first thing that I noticed was how well it was pulling. Far better than it did two years ago, so that would seem to indicate that the carb had been deteriorating for quite a while. The thing is because it was a gradual process it went largely unnoticed. I did just over fifty miles. It was just so good to be back in the saddle. The bike ran unbelievably well. Is there anything more inspiring than the roar of the exhaust when you open a BSA up? Because of my medical problems I was worried that I might never be able to ride my beloved RGS ever again. But hey, that’s all behind me now. The sun was shining, and all was well with the world. Man and machine in complete harmony. Life is so good! What a wonderful experience. I hope your day has been as good as mine has.


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Re: A brilliant day
« Reply #1 on: 26.05. 2013 16:26 »
Well Done to You !
Very glad to read You are recovered & enjoying riding the B.S.A !

Steve  ...
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Re: A brilliant day
« Reply #2 on: 26.05. 2013 17:24 »
Very good news on all fronts. Particularly glad your feeling so fit.

So, what did they do to strip out the old lining. I suppose pure ethanol is not a completely unreasonable guess.

Richard L.
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Re: A brilliant day
« Reply #3 on: 26.05. 2013 17:47 »
Well done John, I've had a bit of refurbishment myself so know how good it is to get back into normality, although as you point out an A putting it's best foot forward is much more then normal.
 all the best - Bill
All the best - Bill
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Re: A brilliant day
« Reply #4 on: 26.05. 2013 19:22 »
Nice one, John  wink2

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Re: A brilliant day
« Reply #5 on: 26.05. 2013 19:29 »
Congrats! & your story is highly appreciated.

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Re: A brilliant day
« Reply #6 on: 27.05. 2013 18:09 »
Your story makes me feel humble and I am pleased for you. I have one friend with an immaculate RGS and another with a 500 S/Star, both cannot ride anymore, but they won't part with them. will be left to the wife to sort out one day. Top Tip. When you get your pension, go out and get a little job, stay fit and keep riding, works for me.


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Re: A brilliant day
« Reply #7 on: 27.05. 2013 21:20 »
Brilliant piece; poetic!
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Re: A brilliant day
« Reply #8 on: 28.05. 2013 16:14 »
Really great account, having recently just returned to the road with my bike in April after 2 years I know exactly where you are coming from , although my lay off was for family reasons not health as was yours . Really pleased to hear that you're back to health and now enjoying your bike again. Take care and watch out for the idiots ie 99% of car drivers !! BobH.
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