Author Topic: Copper Rocker Gaskets worked for me  (Read 466 times)

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Copper Rocker Gaskets worked for me
« on: 06.06. 2013 14:32 »
Fitted copper rocker gaskets from Copper Gaskets in the USA, first ride out today and she,s dry as a bone, mine was leaking with paper gaskets, which upon strip down looked damaged during the dreaded rocker assembly procedure. Annealed the copper and used LOW MODULUS SILICONE SEALANT NEUTRAL CURE on both sides, which I allowed to dry for 24hrs before assembly. Happy days now.
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Re: Copper Rocker Gaskets worked for me
« Reply #1 on: 06.06. 2013 16:07 »
I've got some in the garage but can't bring myself to take the rocker box off yet again to fit them. When the mood strikes AND we have a rainy day they'll be on. Could be a while though, the sunshine beckons out doors.
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