Author Topic: what do U think? (Anti-theft)  (Read 2881 times)

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Re: what do U think? (Anti-theft)
« Reply #15 on: 10.06. 2013 12:28 »
I’ve got a steering lock in my top yoke that does for short stops. For any length of time I run a large chain and lock around the back wheel. I wouldn’t really expect anybody who doesn’t know what they are about (i.e. kids and other chancers) to try starting the bike, or fooling with the lights. What concerns me more would be that if I were leaving the bike routinely in the same place someone more knowledgeable might consider helping themselves to parts – most appreciably the tank and the speedo (I have no nacelle mine just sits on an alloy plate held under a for top nut).

I have been considering bolting/wiring those down more securely somehow.
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Re: what do U think? (Anti-theft)
« Reply #16 on: 21.06. 2013 06:53 »
I forgot about the stearing lock in the tripple tree..  DOH   *problem* 
I'll have to get a key for it now.. coz I dont have one..   *dunno*
I also went with a hidden switch to earth the maggy as above... 
thank you for your replys gentlemen...   *yeah*
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Re: what do U think? (Anti-theft)
« Reply #17 on: 21.06. 2013 08:24 »
I had a Feridax lockable twist-grip in my box of spares but no key for it. I searched the net and found a discussion about changing the lock barrel on these jobbies. I discovered that the key number is stamped into the metal on the area where the two halves come together. I found a bloke on Ebay who sells these old vehicle type keys and ordered two for six pounds including postage. So, if I need to leave my bike I can now lock the throttle and the steering, plus add my meaty padlock and chain.

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Re: what do U think? (Anti-theft)
« Reply #18 on: 21.06. 2013 11:04 »
Poses the ? Why stop. I'd much rather riding than eating, drinking or shopping. It can all wait till I get home and set the bear traps. LOL.
If they really want it they'll get it. Look at todays cars with all there whiz bang security. 5 minutes on the net and have a way to get around it.
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Re: what do U think? (Anti-theft)
« Reply #19 on: 21.06. 2013 13:07 »
An older member than me ( yes it is possible ) used to fit a ford trembler coil to his bikes with the output wire bolted to the underside of the seat .
Worked well in he days when the would be thief would ride the bike away.
The first time they put foot to ground while sitting on the seat WHAM and your leg flops out from under you usually caausing the bike to fall on top of the crook.
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Re: what do U think?
« Reply #20 on: 30.08. 2013 08:36 »
'Swap the plug leads' What a good idea!
Don't leave the bike like this for a long time though.  If you forget, you will wonder why it won't start!
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