Author Topic: Goffy Rear Light failure … NOT  (Read 526 times)

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Goffy Rear Light failure … NOT
« on: 04.11. 2013 12:11 »
Just a note on this one, which might actually be more obvious to the rest of you. I’ve got one of those Goffy combined 6v LED rear/brake lights mounted up under my original rear lens; also a single led for the pilot up front. Idly checking the lights in the garage a week or two back I found the pilot working OK but nothing at the rear at all. Got around to pulling things apart and investigating yesterday. It was all down to a low battery, presumably below a certain voltage they just don’t strike up …so out on the road with the dynamo spinning all would have been well. Duh. Now I’ve just got to glue up my crumbling rear lens again. 
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