Author Topic: RGS Gearbox (RGS advise/help sought)  (Read 5663 times)

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Re: RGS Gearbox (RGS advise/help sought)
« Reply #30 on: 08.07. 2013 22:05 »
Hi Andy,
On my RRT2 box the thrust washer will stand proud about 50% in the rebate
If yours sit flush then the gear will rub on the alloy casing????

Yes at some stage on mine it must have been run without the outer thrust washer *????*
and hence the ""machined "" casing *eek*

HO Hum????

1961 Super Rocket
1963 RGS (ongoing)

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Re: RGS Gearbox (RGS advise/help sought)
« Reply #31 on: 28.07. 2013 20:37 »
Well gearbox all back together again. Blind layshaft bearing replaced together with the mainshaft sleeve gear bearing and oil seal (bugger getting the circlip in with a new oil seal) and currently no leaks!

Kept the rear wheel sprocket at 42T and change the engine sprocket to 21T, std A10. Did change the close ratio box 1st gear to std A10 which has made it easy to pull away what ever the incline. However, 2nd gear remains very high and not very usable.

Will put a few more miles on the bike to let it all settle and for me to become more familiar with it all and then may change the rear wheel sprocket to 46T?