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login /security etc
« on: 03.07. 2013 14:55 »
Any change to forum security / login I've missed? This AM logged on as usual to be meet with no greeting just sign in and then had to go through the lost password sequence as i'd misplaced my original and haven't needed to login for mths .
I was like a junkie in need of his "fix" , no forum what does a guy do ,however , the lost password function saved the day and restored my sense of well being ,gods in his heaven ,all's right with the world etc!!! how bad is that ?? must have missed all of half an hour ,  i'll go and sit in a dark room for an hour to recover, BobH.
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Re: login /security etc
« Reply #1 on: 03.07. 2013 21:06 »
It is addictive. I get out of bed put the kettle on and come here. Last thing at about midnight I look in before bed, and at least twice through the day.
Total time logged in : 34 days, 8 hours, 20 min.
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Re: login /security etc
« Reply #2 on: 04.07. 2013 00:25 »
Any change to forum security / login
Nothing changed, things have been very stable. Unless it happens again\to more members I'd guess it's on the pc side.

the lost password function saved the day
Nice to read it works fine when needed.

PS: anyone having an outdated email address in their profile = no password reminder \ no PM notification \ no forum newsletter etc.

I get out of bed put the kettle on and come here
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