Author Topic: Lycette saddle fitting to a plunger Golden Flash ?  (Read 1084 times)

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During the summer I fitted a large Lycette type saddle to my 53 GF plunger, but was not entirely happy with the installation, so I intend to remedy that now.

My problem is that the springs are not fitting in a straight vertical manner from any of the holes in the saddle-frame to the fixture in the bike-frame, ie they are tilted backwards in the top, which looks odd.
I can not push the saddle-frame further into the tank aperture, so the only thing I can think of is to construct additional fittings to the saddle-frame that makes it possible to fit the springs under the actual seat, and not in the saddle-frame.

So, does anyone has any other ideas, or perhaps a picture on how this can be done. All pictures I have seen on saddle fitted GFs looks fine, but not mine  *sad2*

I have the right type of tank, the saddle is 33 cm long and 37 cm wide, and looks very much like the one I have seen in pictures, so there must be a trick to get this to fit

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Re: Lycette saddle fitting to a plunger Golden Flash ?
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Over the years I have fitted different saddles and I know what you are talking about. You just need to cut or make brackets to get it to fit.
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