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Surprising recognition
« on: 28.07. 2013 02:39 »
Had a nice ride today, out and about in the northern Illinois countryside and townships. Stopped in this little town where the main event seems to be its famous meat market (literally, sausage, beef, etc.). Just after backing the bike into the parking spot, a gent (Dennis) walks up and says, "nice A10". Flabbergasted, you could have knocked me over with a feather. No one here can name this model. Next thing you know another gent (Greg) walks up and says the same. So I'm thinking "where's the hidden camera". Well, it's a small town and it turns out Dennis and Greg are friends, Dennis owning three A10s and Greg owning an A65. Had a nice long talk with Dennis about the idiosyncrasies of A10s in general and especially my own (A10, not idiosyncracies). Dennis did not know of the forum, so I am hoping he will soon join in and contribute to our little party. Dennis?

A big topic of our discussion was magnetos. Dennis was quite interested when I showed him the EasyCap. So, Ken and Groily, no charge for the publicity, especially since the bike started on the first kick when I wanted to let Dennis listen to her running. (Dennis, if you're reading, I forgot to mention that I also remagnetized the mag when I did the rebuild).

OK, back to work for me.

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Re: Surprising recognition
« Reply #1 on: 28.07. 2013 09:27 »
It's nice when things like that happen.
I had similar this morning. Fueling the car at Lithgow a car & trailer pulled up with a '53 A10 and sidecar. The owner looked surprised when I sad " '53 ".
 I asked why he had a solo rear sprocket. "Can't find one anywhere" he said. A nice new 49 tooth will be on it's way to Orange for him this week.
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